Colloidal NanoSilver Graphene Powder

NanoPowder Oxides



Research & Production Company «State-of-the-art Technology of Synthesis» Ltd.

synthesizes and supplies functional nanomaterials for further treatment, production, research and development purposes.

Our aim is to create a wide-range product portfolio of nanomaterials. Our company distributes also the products manufactured by our partners.

Additionally we provide R&D-services regarding nanomaterial application to our clients and partners. Quality and Service are our major criteria to our products. Quality and security of the most of our products are guaranteed by NANOCERTIFICA, a Russian voluntary certification system for nanotechnological products. Nanomaterials, provided by STS, belong to “A”-class nanoproducts (primary nanotechnological products).


Application areas


-paints and lacquers


-composite  and polymer materials


-automobile industry


-medicine & cosmetics

-oils and greases









Research & Production Company «State-of-the-art Technology of Synthesis» Ltd.


11th line Vasilievsky Island 26 Ÿ letter A Ÿ office 7-H

199178 St.-Petersburg Ÿ Russia


+7 812 309 84 55

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